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Between the Walls of Time
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Michael Stafford’s riveting novel describes how Dr. Cyrus Kohler creates a organization known as The Front that redefines the American political system and becomes a formidable third party.

The Principle of Social Congruence ©

Early on, somewhere around Chapter 8, Cyrus starts to give lectures on the New Rationalist Philosophy. He begins to understand and talk about the existence of a precursor to the broken Process. Out of this comes the Principle of Congruent Sociality or Social...

Doctrine of Limited Rights ©

One of the principle ideas behind The Front, Cyrus Kohler's organization which becomes a third major political party, is that of the Doctrine of Limited Rights. Simpy put, this means the rights of society should prevail over the rights of an individual.Contrary to...

Evolution and Genetics

Evolution Equation p² + 2pq + q²= 1 p= frequency of allele ‘A’ q= frequency of allele ‘a’ Conditions: Evolution will not occur if certain conditions exist. Mutation is not occurring Natural selection is not occurring Population is infinitely large All members breed...

Tribes and Territories

Between The Walls of Time has a lot to say about the three monotheistic religious tribes and the two major political tribes in America. Much of the background for this thinking came from Robert Ardrey who wrote the Territorial Imperative. When one examines tribes and...

New Rationalism

A New Rationalist is someone who applies logic and reason to social, political, and scientific issues. New Rationalist's further believe that if the course of events is to change then the governing processes must be altered. Given the polarization of our two major...

Age of Violence

In Between The Walls of Time, Cyrus Kohler discusses the beginnings of The Age of Violence and introduces the reader to Compression.From Cyrus's point of view The Age of Violence started in 1962 when Madalyn Murray O'Hair successfully challenged the American Public...

Human Pedigree

 We refer to Gregor Mendel as the Father of Genetics. He established the basic laws of Inheritance, Segregation, and Independent Assortment. Most nuclear genes follow Mendel's Laws but there are exceptions. Genes located in the cytoplasm do not conform but rather...


As I started  to develop Cyrus and The Front I began to understand more about the Age of Violence, how it started and gradually ramped itself up to todays level. It was hard to miss all that anger simmering in our society. That degree of venom and hate didn't just...

Between the Walls of Time – Prologue


Between the Walls of Time is a novel about Cyrus Kohler and his organization, The Front.

Dr. Cyrus Kohler, a philosophy professor at Southern Illinois University, is the father of New Rationalism, a political philosophy which, by defining itself, describes in the language of science, genetics, and evolutionary biology, our political class. As The Front applies logic and reason to social, political, and business issues they lay out a blueprint for the governance of all civilized nations.

The novel opens with 1st Lt. Cyrus Kohler and Captain Fred Spaulding in Vietnam fighting the last major American battle of that war on and around Ripcord, or Hill 935, as it was also known. Cyrus is a Curahee, a member of the Band of Brothers, 101st Airborne 2nd battalion, 506th infantry. Curahee is a Cherokee word meaning ‘Stand Alone’. There were 650 of them faced off against 40,000 trained, seasoned, battle tested members of the 324b, crème of the North Vietnamese Army and their sister Company, the 304b. The 304b had wiped out the French at Dien Bien Phu. Cyrus and the men he served with were abandoned in the field by incompetent leadership which stretched all the way to the White House. Cyrus was present when America lost the right to draft its own citizens.

Home from the war, welcomed by his rural community, Cyrus married the beautiful Jax, a professor of music and talented artist in her own right, returned to college and became a professor of philosophy. Over the next thirty years he watched America descend into the Age of Violence© which led him to conclude, after years of research, that the American political process was broken. Why it broke, how it broke, and the process of fixing it become the basis for three lectures which propel Cyrus and The Front into national prominence. The lectures and the research presented are the foundation of Between the Walls of Time and the beginning of the growth of The Front into a third political party.

In the first lecture Cyrus discusses his belief that the Process is broken. When you read the paper or hear news you are encountering and assimilating information that has already occurred. Cyrus calls these Events. Events are the results of a Process. Change the Process, change the course of Events. Cyrus explains how the research of Darwin, Audrey, Diamond, and others explain the dysfunction of our political class. When Cyrus examines, in detail, the medical history and genetics of the currently elected 435 congressmen and women and 100 senators, he realizes the data is too overwhelming to be a genetic anomaly. Rather, what takes shape is the Human Pedigree which leads him to The Principle of Congruent Sociality©. The Front is a fledgling organization at this point but starts to grow rapidly as Cyrus gains traction. Social media and the colleges and universities of America become involved through The Council of Ten and RSO’s (Registered Student Organizations). It begins.

The second lecture discusses a lynchpin of New Rationalism and The Front, “The Doctrine of Limited Rights©”. Simply put it means the rights of society must supersede the rights of an individual. Cyrus believes America must learn to accept, to evolve towards, the idea of giving back individual liberties to achieve a more positive social outcome. The absence of such a Doctrine has resulted in a tremendous and ongoing expansion of the First and Second Amendments which have led us deeply into The Age of Violence©. Until we address the violence at its root, says Cyrus, there is no solution for the myriad social evils now facing our society. The Fronts political positions are based upon this doctrine.

The Third lecture is the last in the series and explains The Principle of Social Congruence©. Cyrus says there has never been a separation of church and state in America and proves it. The Founders had misgivings about the two party system and expressed their feelings through the writings of Hamilton, Madison and Franklin. Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, warns of social interference. Social Congruence© is the mutual support network established to promote and grow the agendas of the three monotheistic religious and two political tribes. The Front is not socially congruent. Although their feeling is that science has been an enabler for sociality The Front believes that can change and in the process, as science becomes more user friendly, reduce the control of the social tribes on our society. Barely 26% of all Americans have any education past the high school level which enables sociality and hinders decision making.

The Front works to eliminate PACS, lobbyists, and refers to themselves as the unbought. The congruence of the social tribes, which has fostered Territoriality and yielded a non-evolving process, has yielded a dependence on maintaining beliefs and customs handed down through the centuries. This uneven development of our species concerns the Front. Although great men such as E.O. Wilson believe there will never be a reconciliation of p) will provide the answer to life’s greatest mystery.

As the story of The Front unfolds there are other significant events occurring which develop the other characters and sub plots. The most famous building in the history of Southern Illinois University was burnt to the ground, its arsonists never uncovered or brought to justice, until now. A sitting US Senator perishes under baffling circumstances not easily deciphered. Murderers, prostitutes and politicians populate a landscape determined to stop Cyrus and The Front. Cyrus’ longtime mentor and counselor, Tante Colleen, a Creole Voodoo sorceress, is brutally killed, her murder avenged in a most unusual manner, deep within The Garden of the Gods, an absolutely magical spot adjacent to The Trail of Tears walked by the Cherokee in 1839. Cyrus has an old drug acquaintance from the Vietnam War, Tripper John Calhoun, who surfaces and has a significant role in the book.

Between the Walls of Time, the story of Cyrus Kohler and The Front, is an exciting look at the science behind the sociality of our political class. The ascension of The Front to political party status will grab your attention and make you wish there was a Cyrus Kohler. Perhaps there will be.

Alto Pass Publishing and the IBPA

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The Journey

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