Between The Walls of Time has a lot to say about the three monotheistic religious tribes and the two major political tribes in America. Much of the background for this thinking came from Robert Ardrey who wrote the Territorial Imperative. When one examines tribes and territories it is difficult to ignore the mutual cojoining of our religious and political organizations as they both sought each other’s help in territorial protection and enlargement. America has never had a separation of church and state. Rather, the tribes are mutually complicit in the furthering of their agendas at the expense of any and all opposition.  

Our founders, some religious, some not, also wrestled mightily with the dangers posed by the two party system, having witnessed firsthand the damage done by the Whigs and Tories in our the battle for freedom from England. Nonetheless, that is exactly what we ended up with and although the cases of division are endless, the Process seemed manageable until the last 30 years when continued poor leadership choices created increased friction among the participants and their supporters. Factions emerged to protect territories seen as more valuable than their constituents. With the Process so thoroughly broken, dysfunction increased to the point of anarchy as Events spiraled  out of control.

As harsh as this might sound, territorial protection is what tribes do best. And without protection, early man and his progeny would not have survived. You were either in the tribe or clinging to the notion that death was eminent, take your pick. Tribes that were unable to evolve went extinct and it is my guess that our current tribes will face this dilemma as well, as time renders their mythologies and practices obsolete or irrelevant. Just like the Merry Pranksters, tribes have one basic rule which is, you are either on the bus or off the bus. It is my feeling that, being poorly evolved, our society, increasingly devoid of hope, throws reason aside and gets on the bus, hoping with all their hearts it doesn’t crash and burn. 

Between The Walls of Time certainly promotes the growth of the science tribe and encourages them to accept positions of leadership. Members of the Front can be in a religious tribe but must have some understanding of science and its application to our world, a world that, by our best measurement, is 14.5 billion years old, not 6,000. Science must become more than an enabler for sociality.


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