Early on, somewhere around Chapter 8, Cyrus starts to give lectures on the New Rationalist Philosophy. He begins to understand and talk about the existence of a precursor to the broken Process. Out of this comes the Principle of Congruent Sociality or Social Congruence, the co joined efforts of the two major political tribes and the three monotheistic religious tribes. . For the first time we see Cyrus despondent. “I feel like ground blanket,” he tells Jax, shaking his head. Ground blankets refers to his time in the army when soldiers would put anything available under their sleeping bags to absorb the moisture below, keeping the bag dry. His despondency comes from the realization that Social Congruence was here to stay, at least in his lifetime. Its undoing is uncertain. 

As Cyrus defines and discusses Social Congruence during his conversation with Dan Rather on 60 Minutes, he basically says, aside from the definition, that our democratic model is broken but repairable. It altered and weakened as fewer and fewer of our citizens participated in governance. The tribes selection of candidates is from within and everyone else is excluded. So, if you aren’t in the tribe you are on the outside looking in, regardless of you qualifications. or faced with funding yourself as an independent. The two party system is our involvement even though there are 54 registered political parties in the USA, more or less. In the two party system there are usually two choices, both sometimes unacceptable as is the case in the 2016 Presidential election. Hence the oft overheard expression of voting for the lessor of two evils.

In the American political system, one’s tithe is another’s contribution.The convergence of political and religious sociality has has diluted the quality of candidates and yielded stagnation. The system cannot move, its restraints are too mighty. The good news is coming from the halls of science which continues to evolve and has roared past its social brethren.This is resulting in less job security for the social tribes but their continuence is assured for the near term due to the low educational, hence reasoning, content of our citizens. It’s easy to elect the Mitch McConnells and Mike Pence’s when their electorate is rooted in mythology and poorly educated. That has to change sooner rather than later. Remember, nature has no predetermined outcomes and won’t call in advance, send a text, or a twit.

Applying the concepts of sociality to problems that require scientific processes for their solutions will not work. The congruence of social tribes has has yielded a non-evolving process, dependent as as it is on maintaining beliefs and customs handed down through the centuries. The uneven development of our species should concern evryone. Social Congruence has the potential to yield Events from which we cannot recover.

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