Many of you, some my old friends and some more recently acquired, have asked me often to keep them updated on my progress towards being a nationally published writer. It is quite a journey and not for the easily discouraged. There is a BIG, HUGE, difference between being published, which I was,  by a small press, and having an agent who represents you and your writing to the industry.  That hasn’t happened yet for me but I am certainly on the front burner at a number of agencies. So far I have received 40-50 rejection letters, not yet up to JK Rowling’s 72 standard but working on it. If you can believe 72 agents who sell books for a living turned down ‘Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone’ then you can understand why ‘Between the Walls of Time’ has not been an automatic. I am not a household name. No one know me yet. The same for JK once. 

It does amaze me whenever I find out things like, they only read the first three sentences of these submission documents we call Query letters. Here is mine:

Dear Ms. Dystel: Sent to Jane Dystel who almost accepted me.


Our agent will be keenly interested in the dysfunctional American political process and want to represent a book that seeks to solve the equation for 70 million people who identify as moderates.

 ‘Between the Walls of Time’ slams headlong into the most divisive conversation of our time, the culture of our political and religious tribes.  The book is a powerful examination of the evolution, genetics, and Human Pedigree, of the political class, that lays out the black hole of our current predicament in a way that an entire society of readers can digest. The book will fascinate its audience. Readers in our focus groups speak often of Social Congruence and The Doctrine of Limited Rights. I hope to discuss those issues with you soon.

My debut novel is an epic story that’s timely and timeless, fueled by critical questions, driven by larger-than-life characters, that introduces a breakthrough philosophy (New Rationalism)—with the power to accelerate the social/political revolution taking place in our country.  

Between the Walls of Time (122K words) chronicles a courageous attempt to establish a third major political party in the United States called “The Front.” The story is a sweeping saga of men and women from all walks of life, one that explores the genetics and evolution of the organizations and institutions that make America great—and vulnerable—through the eyes of a military vet turned professor. With the help of his childhood love, a small group of friends, and a rapidly building movement of “The Unbought,” Cyrus Kohler is committed to his values and beliefs in a world that seems to have none.

Revolutions are always fraught with danger—especially those that threaten the status quo, the political and religious establishment, and those in power. But the opposition swirling around Cyrus and The Front seems insurmountable. They’re flanked by a raging firestorm comprised of three powerful political figures—all of whom originate plots to undermine them—motivated by money, power, self-interest, and special interests. As the pressure increases and the stakes are raised, Cyrus, rumored to have a drug dependency, vanishes from the omnipresent eye of the media, and disappears into an abyss within himself.

Is Cyrus a destroyer or a liberator? Will his groundbreaking philosophy—which simultaneously shines new light on the problems plaguing our culture, celebrates our history, and promotes the best in humanity—result in lasting change, or simply lead to his demise? Can one man or woman, including the least among us, take action that results in a new political system, and, if so, at what cost? Between the Walls of Time is a thought-provoking novel of science, genetics, evolutionary biology, idealism, heroism, and romance—a tribute to everyone who loves their country, cares enough to vote, and wants to live in a nation they can be proud of.Members of The Front or The Unbought in my novel represent the middle, which consists of approximately 70 million of us. Similar to Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, my novel introduces new words and concepts to permanently and more appropriately label our present nation’s social tribes for what they are: conjoined and incapable of solving social issues. At least that’s what Edward Osborne Wilson, usually cited as E. O. Wilson, an American Harvard researcher, theorist, naturalist, biologist, and author says.

After attending Washington University on scholarship, and receiving my MBA from Southern Illinois University, I moved to Chicago to work as an investment banker. Shortly thereafter I was drafted into the Vietnam War which was my first look at our political class and the people it serves. After the war I became a successful entrepreneur, which allowed me to take time over the years developing, quietly testing, and refining my philosophy of New Rationalism.  I’m a seasoned public speaker and promoter, having worked with marketing teams, publicists, and media. Now I’m ready to devote myself completely to promoting my books and spreading the political philosophy of The Front. My next book, Oblivion’s Reach, is a continuation of The Front’s rise to the presidency with a leader nearly every American trusts.  I have a team in place ready to help me market my books. We have developed a website for the novels and are somewhat active on social media with an email list of approximately 10K. I also have access to many well-known (including bestselling) authors and influencers, many of whom will likely provide blurbs and promotional support once I have a publisher. The connections range from having worked together, being represented by the same publicist, being involved with the same foundation, working out and paddle boarding together, etc. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Michael Stafford
660 South Alpha Avenue
Brownsburg, IN 46112


You would think that would get the job done but not yet and maybe never. It hurts to be a realist some times.  nonetheless, I do have a pending, standing order for 50,000 books from a major distributor who is very fond of my novel. You would think some agent with credentials would see that as a plus.  

I do have a few words to pass along on many of your recent questions concerning my take on Trump, given that I created Cyrus Kohler and Lionel Rand. You have to separate the man from the work.  There is certainly a long held viewpoint in conservative circles that NAFTA, NATO, and the China policy, and more, needed revision. In fact, some of the man’s work is good for our country, while some is certainly not. What a shame that he is less than we hoped for as an individual. No adjective I know can adequately describe my true feelings about his personal standards, if he has any.  His lack of respect for damn near anything above ground is staggering. Many of you, my friends, have a strong faith. I have no idea how you are working this out but it appears that you are.

I will let all of you know my progress.  This is the most difficult task I have ever tried to accomplish. When I take into account the fact that I am not a Washington or New York journalist and don’t live on the East Coast, did not attend the Ivy League, am not a minority, and am not pursuing a fine arts degree, I have no problem understanding why many of those folks are getting published. They are in position and I am here in Indiana, not exactly a literary hot spot. But I have a book that can offer a way forward in these difficult times.  Stay tuned  M







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