Last week I watched the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, acquit himself in a presidential manner. He was the guest of the former Governor of Indiana and current president of Purdue University, Mitch Daniels, himself an extremely qualified individual, and 1800 students and faculty. After answering every question known to man about mostly everything on anyone’s radar, Daniels thanked him for being honest, candid, and politically incorrect. The crowd loved him, and he is a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Which brings us to the conundrum.

Here in Indiana where I live and have written Between the Walls of Time, a novel about Cyrus Kohler and The Front and their attempt to form a major, unbought, third party in the middle of America, there are an astounding number of people waiting for the Rapture, and little else. I am astounded that the Christian Right, who advocated so mightily for Ted Cruz, are now voting for Trump, who is not born again. A more evil, hate filled individual, at least in my time, has never run for our nations highest office. Here in our bible belt state, former home of the KKK, self respecting socially congruent, bible carrying citizens, are setting aside their chief criteria for political office, faith in their God and his Son, and they are doing it for this man. Amazing.

Granted, I get it that Hillary is an abomination to many, but folks, you don’t have to go there. Gary Johnson is nearing 15% of the popular vote and is conservative. It is not in my mind, nor should it be considered, a wasted vote. It is instead, a vote for change, a vote for the unbought to take their place at the head of the table. A vote for a rational human being who has been a successful governor of a very difficult state, New Mexico.

Not having one congruent bone in my body I never would have expected the support this hater and mysogynist has received from people overflowing with love. For all of you in the Christian community who really do believe, consider the statement you are about to make, and square it with yourself and your God, who cannot possibly be a fan of the Donald.

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