The Front is the name of Cyrus’s fledgling organization which starts its growth exactly as the Vietnam War protests did all those years ago, beginning on the campus’s of our nation’s colleges and universities. The Front starts as an organization and, as Cyrus gains attention, he gais traction with the Millenials, moderates, independents, environmentalists, and disaffected major party members. By books end The Front has 25 million members who all paid $1 to join. $1.

As the main force behind the Front, Cyrus Kohler builds a team that carries the organization forward. They have a specific set of rules which are in stark contrast to the two major parties. The Front, built from the ground up by Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s), by the third book has become a caucus and has attracted extremely professional, and dedicated, managers. Some are still students but have responded to the message. A strong national defense, No lobbyists, No Pacs, term limits, education tied to welfare and child care, a flat tax to eliminate corruption, a solution for immigration, health care and gun violence that is practical and achievable would define The Front. And then, one fine day, The Front gets a leader whose name is Lionel Rand and one day he will become president, but that is Oblivions Reach, and I haven’t finished it quite yet.

The Front and its programs are a model that can be achieved if we are able and willing to scale back the influence of the social tribes and move our science oriented folks from citizens to candidates. 

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Michael Stafford

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