A New Rationalist is someone who applies logic and reason to social, political, and scientific issues. New Rationalist’s further believe that if the course of events is to change then the governing processes must be altered. Given the polarization of our two major parties the best option would be a third party, one that is unbought. A party of the middle, with no lobbyists or Pacs. A grass roots organization of the people, for the people.

A New Rationalist believes in The Doctrine of Limited Rights which states the rights of society should supersede the rights of an individual. The New Rationalists use this doctrine to refine and change political systems.

New Rationalism is a political philosophy which seeks to redefine the political class through an understanding of genetics and evolution and their application to politics, religion, and capitalism. Once we learn how the people in charge got there, who they are, and why they must be replaced, we will be better equipped to do so.

As our species evolved, hominids possessing social genetics became dominant. Social tribes conquered earth but in the past 300 years science has made tremendous strides and is attracting members. These results can be measured by the numerical decrease in the social tribes and a corresponding increase in their scientific brethren.

New Rationalist’s understand that current Events will continue to unravel the fabric of our society until Citizens, themselves of no consequence, choose to move in a new direction. Cyrus Kohler says in Between The Walls of Time that if your goal is to change the minds of men by the force of your argument then life may prove to be very difficult. If, however, your goal is to educate the minds of men in the hopes they will someday change themselves, then that may be possible.

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