On March the 24th, 2018, America will start down the long road towards responsible action aimed at ending the Age of Violence, at least where guns are concerned. Perhaps it will spill over into adjacent killing fields, such as the plethora of violent video games and the almighty rights of our criminal element. All over our country people of all races, creeds and colors will join the children who have decided that being the target of all this hate is # ENOUGH.  I will be one of them and while we are on that subject how many people do you know that are going to stand up and make a difference, albeit however small, on an issue of paramount importance in our society? 

If you do go, look around and take a count of how many elected representatives and, god forbid, Senators and Congressmen are there. Not being there certainly signals their support of the NRA who buys and sells this lot with impunity. I won’t mind if you don’t decide to pray about it since that method has been rendered obsolete in this battle. Several of my local neighborhood folk, churchgoing members of the Christian community, have opted recently for carrying guns to church, and on themselves daily, to ward off potential carnage. I don’t think they are going to march but maybe a surprise awaits my skeptical self. We shall see. It does make me wonder, though, how the church squares their support of the NRA and guns with WWJD. Well, I am sure that is not for me to decide.

I do know that in my novel, ‘Between the Walls of Time’ my protagonist starts his fledgling movement with the kids. Looks like he had something going on there doesn’t it? To put it simply, a new battle line has been drawn and this the first real skirmish. It is going to get ugly, never doubt it, because this is an invasion of the Territorial Imperative that Robert Audrey wrote about and I applied to the social tribes and their contract with each other. Praying is over folks, we are going after the players.

In that vein, there has not been one word from any of our staunch Republican officials, or church leaders for that matter, about any of this upcoming national event that is launching in our town at 11:am on the 24th of March, starting at the Statehouse. Maybe I just missed the announcement. In any event, there is strength to be drawn from what I hope becomes a famous phrase, issued by my man Cyrus Kohler, who said to the assembled throng, ” There was only one bridge in Selma.” March!

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