Yesterday, March 24, was quite a day. For the first time since I was a young boy staring down the prospect of being drafted into the Vietnam War I went to a rally, a protest movement, a march. 

The kids have outed the NRA and their political allies and all who support them, just like I did in my novel ‘Between the Walls of Time’. Uncomfortable is about to get worse. That youngster who asked Senator Marco Rubio for a yes or no and got nothing is knockin on the door.  These young’ins are prime candidates for The Front, the fictional party I created for my protagonist, Cyrus Kohler, he of the 75th Ranger Regiment who, like me, was drafted to fight a war he greatly disliked. I refer to this’Conflict’ as the Great Illusion, being waged as it was to halt The Domino Theory, and promote American economic interests at the mere expense of 56,000 boys, and we’ve killed how many in our schools?  One of my old pals had a much better strategy, buy them all televisions, he said. Let them see how democracy works. We all have those televisions now. And cell phones. And more. I saw it. Did you?

All of us who write or have any media presence owe it to these kids to do what some of us old farts did for ourselves once. March. Protest. Take Action. #Enough is Enough. Thoughts and prayers didn’t help my boys in Vietnam spending their last day on this planet and they certainly have failed miserably here. As Stephen Hawking liked to say, “We are in charge of our own fate.” Realize though, that we live in, and have allowed to flourish, this Age of Violence and there is more to it than just guns.

Starting with the destruction of our schools as an extension of the family home in 1962, we, the citizens of this country have extended every freedom imaginable to most anyone who beat on the door long enough. As a result, we are drowning in the excesses of constitutional privilege. I, for one, am willing to give back in the pursuit of peace, any reasonable ‘right’ that has been bestowed by our founders. Maybe that is because I realize this is a systemic, encompassing problem that permeates our entire society. It is tough for our general population in America to understand a complex argument. It is just where we are, not yet sufficiently evolved, less educated than necessary, and often seemingly unconcerned and in denial about our State of the Union.

Some weapons are extremely unhealthy for humans. Let’s sanction those and take a first step towards a world that many of us want to see but probably won’t. Maybe.This step alone will take follow through and determination, teamwork. Remember, there was only one bridge in Selma and unless I miss my guess we are going to cross it again. March on Pilgrim.

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