May 1, 2017. A big day for me, to be sure. Between the Walls of Time will be available, launched worldwide. A groundbreaking story about our political class, ourselves, our system of government. You have no idea how much you will like this book and what it stands for. It’s time to find out.

Amazon will handle e books, hard copies and paperback. Bookstores all over the USA will either have the book or have it coming or have it available on demand. Just go order it.But in advance of all that, let’s do something special. If you will help. If you will use your social media like you use it every day, I will do something special for everyone who is involved. Here are the rules.

In your world, do you know 5 or more people who voted in the last election?  Tell them about how we know each other, some of you I know more than others so try not to be harsh. Ask them to review the book on my website: Ask them to send it forward down their line, with some explanation attached. After the last election most of us are unfulfilled, some more than others.This novel is a manifesto of sorts, showing the way forward, instructing all of us concerning our future here on Earth.

In the book, Cyrus Kohler and The Front become a formidable third major party in America. They expose the political class for what they are: territorial, genetically compromised, and willing to do most anything for money and power. They are the least of our society of men and women. Their chief qualification is, at least until The Donald, they know the system.The champions among them, those who are there to make a difference, struggle.  Most of you have no idea about the strength of the content in Between the Walls of Time but I am asking you to find out, take the time, and pay it forward.

You can all go to my website and order paperbacks and hard copies. I have PayPal and debit/credit cards set up there. I will personally sign the first 2500 copies that come through my website so… you’ve got the ball.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll see you all on 60 MInutes.

Michael Stafford



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