I didn’t mean to desert all of you that are buying ‘Between the Walls of Time and those of you who are just discovering the book exists. Starting with a Print On Demand book and getting it into distribution, into the mainstream where this book belongs, has been quite a journey, and the trip is just beginning. When hundreds of readers tell you they like the book, when they post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, when some of you go to Barnes and Noble on my signing days, pay way more for the book than it will soon sell for, send orders through our website to get it signed, you are fueling The Front. I will be selecting a distributor very soon and I will share that with my readers when everything is approved.

But back to the title of this blog, did anyone other than myself see this coming. I mean this hornets nest of vitriol spewing from both sides of our political reality. And I didn’t write a book that everyone who voted in 2016 needs to read? It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you lean towards, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF US LEAN TOWARDS THE MIDDLE. Many of us have had successful lives because we have been willing to compromise on issues, to educate ourselves, to keep an open mind and, yes, change it occasionally. 

Cyrus Kohler and The Front have a platform that demands your inspection. It is rational, well thought out, practical, a series of ideas that could end the Age of Violence and stop Social Congruence dead in its tracks. It identifies the territoriality of our political and religious tribes. Compression is encouraging social misbehavior. 

If you don’t read the book you’ll just keep going to the polls on election day, serving the fiefdom, keep on keeping on. There will be no changes coming because the Process of our government will remain the same, guaranteeing that Events remain constant.  Challenge yourself to make a difference. Reading ‘Between the Walls of Time’ will help you do that. This is my contribution to the society of men of which I am a small part. Ride along with Cyrus, me, and the rest of the gang. Go!


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