I was beginning to write Between the Walls of Time in 2012 when the Republicans nominated Mitt Romney for President. It was, viewed in a historical text, the continuation of the long slow slide to irrelevance my former party had set out to accomplish. They were successful in this mission. The ball and chain of George W Bush and his weapons of mass destruction had been endorsed by John McCain and tied him to the disaster unfolding as the war in Irag dragged on. It was such an obvious glitch many were amazed McCain didn’t cut and run. Had these critics known a little more about political and religious tribes they might have understood the danger encircling candidates who do not adher to the tribes rules. Mitt fit right in. He was not a career politician, a trend the Republicans now offer up with Donald Trump. Like Trump, Romney was a brutal self serving hedge funder who made his fortune tearing apart American companies and selling the pieces overseas. The jobs never came back. Like Trump, he was an elitist who managed to lose to a black man from Chicago. Many people I talked to, including veterans like myself, voted for Mr. Obama because he simply presented himself as a better man. I had never really understood, until these two elections, occuring fifty years after Martin Luther King had been assasinated, how much white hatred existed in our country, and the Republican Party. Donald Trump is certainly fueling that legacy.

As some of you know from reading my website, I have created an organization which Cyrus Kohler names The Front. Maybe he called it that to symbolize where we are here in America today where war rages unabated. Maybe it was because he was on the front once in Vietnam. I believe America is ready for The Front and that it will take this whole new perspective to slow down and eliminate this filthy, congruent, mess.

If you have been too busy to read much on the website take 5 minutes and do it. These are the kind of people you really want in charge. Subscribe, comment, join The Front for $1. Share my posts and blogs with your Facebook or your favorite social media. 

Michael Stafford

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