We refer to Gregor Mendel as the Father of Genetics. He established the basic laws of Inheritance, Segregation, and Independent Assortment. Most nuclear genes follow Mendel’s Laws but there are exceptions. Genes located in the cytoplasm do not conform but rather exhibit maternal inheritance traits. Therin lies the rub. 
Most mutant genes are recessive which is why most humans do not inherently want to rape and plunder to get what you have, or they believe you have. These genes, passed on from generation to generation on the mother’s side, resist change and remain unevolved. This makes it possible for new mutants to be stored indefinitely, possibly forming new combinations, ready to be utilized by natural selection when conditions are favorable.
Human Pedigree is very useful in the analysis of genetics to determine whether a trait is dominant or recessive. It is always helpful to learn where the gene is located. Since genes are arranged linearly on chromosomes the term chromosomal tree has been used to define their location. Two researchers at Georgetown University, using the Human Pedigree, identified a gene that expresses for greed and violence. It is a recessive gene on the mothers side.
So we don’t all have it, thank goodness, but when it expresses you get a Hitler, a Pol Pot, any number of others like Alexander the Great who don’t mind killing you because they are unbothered by a process foreign to most. Their plan is a better plan, their God a better God, their way a better way. These are dangerous times with no end to religious conflicts that kill and displace millions. What kind of man can blow up women and children? What kind of man can kill his own people? Perhaps it is one with the right genetic coding.
I would be very curious to see how many of todays leaders would express.when subjected to the Human Pedigree.
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