Many American’s, especially blue collar, less wealthy, less educated folks, are the targets of the gambling industry, Nascar, the cigarette companies, and now The Donald has promised to change their lives.Not that the wealthy don’t serve these demons, some do, but their motivation is not so much a life changing strategy. You have to know your customer and Donald seems to be the only one who really did.

Being a high stakes gambler himself, he must have had this concept totally deciphered. He sure dealt one hell of a hand to himself, his biggest fan. America bit, hook line and sinker, for this deal, being so poorly served by the Democrats for so long. The reasoning was more than I could perceive, but then, I lost $100 to a part time painter in LA on the OJ Simpson trial. I thought he was guilty, silly me. I just don’t get the reasoning behind some of these decisions and probably never will. What the hell.

Donald built his campaign on the backs of mainly white, male,religious, citizens with bigger issues than female body parts, vilification of women and minorities, and rude behavior. His main issue revolved around the loss of a job, or loss of self esteem, or both. Potential voters whose financial situation had diminished were drawn to the pitch, no matter the messenger. Although they may have been Democrats, or not, in the past, that party was more focused on minorities it seemed and no one was helping them. They were mad, frustrated, and ready to take that anger out on Hillary and her party to whom full employment equated to burgeoning positions at Walmart and Amazon. Not exactly a manufacturing salary at Carrier. What Donald didn’t tell his constituency was that many of their jobs had been lost to machines and if they wanted to keep or get them again education was paramount. The job growth pitch helped Donald win the election, no doubt about that. He went further, proposing infrastructure repairs that could employ the unemployed. There is merit to that argument but will it be more than minimum wage? This won’t, more than likely, be FDR’s CCC or WPA. That is certainly not what his supporters have in mind.

Before I become too critical of men let me add that 53% of all white women voted for the same Donald who wanted to grope their genitalia. Didn’t bother them. Only 6% of black women backed the winner. How bout that? Studies say many white women feel safe in a system that benefits from their inferiority. Couple that with the message delivered from the alter and, well, you decide. Gender does not have the same potency in politics as race does but it is powerful. One of the worst parts of sexism is how it subtly and effectively divides us.

I do get that what we lose we sometimes want back and the system is so damn broken that anything different is better than the current model. Hell, I wrote a book about all this. This time though, in a desire for change, we have handed the keys to the kingdom to a misogynist, whose mental capacity for crisis management has raised serious conversation. The praying folk need to ramp up their production but I have serious doubts as to the effectiveness of that approach. I lay the blame for this event not merely on the voters who acted on their frustration with disregard to a potentially catastrophic conclusion but on the political failures that brought us here. What has become of our value system? Do we still have one? Apparently we have millions of people who are way past that ancient concept.The political class is the least of our society of men and they are proving it daily, with the support of an equally inept electorate. 

In my upcoming novel, Between the Walls of Time, which is about the rise of The Front, America’s unbought 3rd party of the future, Cyrus Kohler, the main character, gives three lectures which galvanize America. He, like Trump, is an outsider, albeit, unlike Donald, an ordinary man in many ways, with high ideals and principles, again, unlike The Donald. He speaks of Social Congruence© and The Doctrine of Limited Rights©, two ideas which define the political philosophy of The Front. 

I sincerely hope that all of you reading my blogs buy Between the Walls of Time. It is story like none other. The political philosophy of The Front is just part of the story that revolves around Cyrus and Jax Kohler and their circle of friends who make history, the right way, from the ground up. The book schedule is as follows: ARC copies ( advanced reading copies ) will be sent to the major reviewers in December-January. with the book scheduled for release May 1-15. You can contact your local book store to order it, place an order on my website or buy digital content wherever you please. It will be available everywhere.

I intend to post my reviews so that all of you out there can share in this about to be event of mine. Peace.  M

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