One of the principle ideas behind The Front, Cyrus Kohler’s organization which becomes a third major political party, is that of the Doctrine of Limited Rights. Simpy put, this means the rights of society should prevail over the rights of an individual.

Contrary to sociality, not everything you want is something you need. Ayn Rand spoke directly to the issue of want versus need in Atlas Shrugged. No one listened. Over the past 50 years our government has been challenged continually by hordes of attorneys representing nearly every facet of Americana whenever any attempt at reduction occurred. As a result, we have become a very permissive, socially driven society. 

Our plan of aiming solutions at fully developed problems, after the fact, is not working because social tribes and their supporters are not about to surrender their territories to solve a problem. The territory itself has a greater intrinsic value than a solution. Social tribes use band aids when the patient 0needs stitches. In the meantime, 

The Age of Violence, which began in 1962 with Madalyn Murray O’Hairs successful attack on public schools has had many perpetrators. It is the contention of The Front, and its philosophy of New Rationalism, that diminished rights and freedoms should accrue to individuals and businesses  found guilty of harming our society. They are deserters on the field of battle and if we are to have a healthy society once again, these criminals must receive what they earned, diminished rights, a much more serious penalty than 30 days in the slammer or a fine of any proportion.

Our plan of governance tries to control events rather than began the dirty business of process change which has the potential to alter events. How has that plan worked? Our national debt is 17 trillion and counting. Everyone who wants one has an assault weapon and armor piercing bullets. 71% of all African American women, 56% of Hispanic women and 36% of Caucasian women delivering newborns do so out of wedlock. Some segments of our society have three generations of poverty, low educational achievement, and violence against themselves and others on their resume. Men and Women are running successfully for public office with resumes and track records that would get them fired or not hired in corporate America, unless it was for their political connections.

Do we need to redefine the rights of these culprits? Give it some thought.


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