In 1957 Ayn Rand published ‘Atlas Shrugged’, the followup to her first novel, ‘The Fountainhead’. ‘Atlas’ delivered a story and characters that were unforgettable. Man as a noble being. Capitalism under siege by looters. Hank Reardon, John Galt, and Dagny Taggert engaged to fight for their happiness, that most wanted virtue in Ayn’s world, and, I submit, one worthy of pursuit in our time. These individuals were Outliers, to say the least, who possessed dignity and honor. They were trustworthy. When words were spoken they counted for something. Sixty years later Objectivism is still relevant, taught and discussed in colleges and universities throughout America. Sixty years later, the looters remain vigilant.

On April 1, 2018, my novel, ‘Between the Walls of Time’ will go into national distribution. Set in current times, the book breaks new ground by introducing The Principle of Social Congruence and The Doctrine of Limited Rights through the its own Outliers, Cyrus Kohler, Lionel Rand, and Tommy Black Lance Wanderone. Their value and code of honor is never in doubt. They are out to change the future of America by exposing a political and religious system that has done its dirty business for 350 years.  

To accomplish this mission, Cyrus, a former Army Ranger, starts an organization which he calls ‘The Front’. By books end ‘The Front’, also known as ‘The Unbought’ and ‘The Middle’. is growing, rapidly. All it takes to join the ‘Unbought’ is $1. Twenty eight million people from all walks of life swell the ranks. The Front’s political philosophy of New Rationalism gains a foothold. All hell breaks loose as political and religious leaders with established territories so priceless they cannot be valued rise to meet the threat to their Social Tribes. 

Where did these people come from who are leading us to perdition? These, the least of our society of men, have filled a void unacceptable to their scientific peers. As a result of this avoidance, society has become a social quagmire. Serious topics have taboo filters which prohibit real discussion lest one be branded a racist or heretic.Welcome to the Age of Violence, the legacy of  social tribes whose world view has atrophied, whose evolutionary biology is shock fodder. 

This book is first and foremost a new political philosophy. The New Rationalist’s build a powerful platform under Cyrus’ artful guidance. He isn’t a superhero. He is a veteran. He isn’t Hank Reardon, rich and powerful, or Robert Langdon, a Harvard Professor. He will make you wish, however, for someone like him. An Outlier you can trust.

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