To my readers to be, friends, and everyone else:

Between the Walls of Time is on an amazing journey. One of the largest retailers in the world has seriously inquired about carrying my novel. Could that really happen? Is it good enough? I’ll be asking those questions until I am not. My editors and publisher have been associated with some very successful and talented writers. They told me recently that 5% of the writing community make 95% of the revenue. It’s probably better not knowing that when you are starting out. There are more than enough opportunities to be discouraged. I am, though, very hopeful that the Book will find its way. It tells a powerful story of change so badly needed in my American home.

I have been approved as an author by Goodreads. Amazing. For all of you who would like to go on this extended walk into our future with me there is a link to the website following, if I know how. That’s always my challenge.

Ernest Hemingway said write what you know. That is exactly what I am doing.  I have been moving in this direction for decades. It took me years to gather the information that became a part of this and future books. Judy Sullivan, who sat across from me in study hall at Metropolis Community High School will bear witness to these words. Ask her.

Join my group on Goodreads. Learn how to use this fabulous website that is all about books and writers. Tell your friends to join in. No judgments here, just all of our opinions and input. If you and people you recommend get involved, books will be read, reviewed, and ideas will be openly discussed. 

Ain’t that America, land of the free.I’ll be looking for you all on Goodreads. Here’s the link.




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