As I started  to develop Cyrus and The Front I began to understand more about the Age of Violence, how it started and gradually ramped itself up to todays level. It was hard to miss all that anger simmering in our society. That degree of venom and hate didn’t just happen, it grew steadily over my lifetime. One of the factors contributing to this growing trend is Compression.
As our population steadily shifted itself from rural settings to urban life over the past 4 decades the tension from millions of people in close proximity mounted. Every day the majority of our society drives to work in a cluster of traffic, trying to arrive on time.Road rage is common as drivers dart in and out, texting, celling, tweeting. Everyone has their own priorities. Things have to get done and there never seems to be enough time.  Urban society competes for living space, sidewalk space, parking space, usually in a crowded environment. Restaurants have waiting lines customers have come to expect.Thus is born the Compression that governs nearly every waking moment.
Just watching this happen has made quite an impression  and helped me understand why our lives have become so frantic and made us irritable and impatient. Cyrus sees this and realizes Compression has had a tremendous effect on tolerance. People have had enough, they just don’t want to deal with more, and, being a poorly evolved society, our solution to Compression is violence.
I honestly do not see a way forward given our societies ability to reason. The world population is exploding. People aren’t going back to the farm. In my opinion, drastic steps will have to be taken to reduce the impact of Compression on our society and no one I have taked to likes my solution. In fact, I must be crazy to think people would rather have peace than war just because I have been in one. Nearly everyone I have talked to about this are absolutely resolute in not giving anything back to a government they don’t trust in the first place. This wall is tall and we have no climbing tools.
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