One of my right wing conservative friends, who is a Charles Krauthammer admirer, sent me an article depicting Charles’s view and opinion of Mr. Obama. The man absolutely hated Obama, why it is too late to ask as Krauthammer recently passed but I am sure the answer to that question is known by some. Nonetheless, Krauthammer, whose intellect was considered to be quite keen, probably knew, as an intellectual, that Obama ascended to the throne over Hillary, as did Trump, due to very similar circumstances. Both faced weak candidates allied and tied to the past. Hillary was weak then, nothing made her better 8 years later but that is how big favors are rewarded in our system of government. So, a black man overcame John McCain and Sarah Palin.  Wow. One day, Trump overcame Hillary, again.

So while there is that, there is also no explaining how a man with brilliance oozing from his pores ever lined up with the ultra right wing conservatives whose prism is narrow and reminiscent of those settlers who were forced to leave Europe and ended up here with their prejudices intact. They fervently worshiped and persecuted those who didn’t.  Charles would have fit in there because he too was bitter, about more than I can list here, and he wrote about  his hate of all things liberal. He was a man who overcame tremendous physical challenges but could not advocate for the center. He could not reason his way through climate change and gun violence. He could not accept a black man, much less a Democrat, as our leader. 

Being a moderate conservative, having some understanding of science, I can only hope that time and the evolution of our species will overcome our current condition.  My novel, Between the Walls of Time, is all about finding a way through this awful dialogue. My hope is that as it becomes promoted and available in every possible way that even non readers will make an exception. The book is about finding our way.

A small footnote. My beautiful wife Susie who is very media savvy just told me that this Enemy Within diatribe was not, repeat, not written by Charles Krauthammer. To that I would say two things: What type of individual would put such an essay forward after a man is no longer among us? You, my readers, can answer that. 



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