Everyone seems to be dissatisfied with the choices being offered for president. I wrote a book about who these people are and how to fix it. Stop and think about the last three presidential elections and you will come up with rude, bitter, devisive, words meant to convey negativity. There seems to be no end to it. And yet, we, the voters, are routinely being asked to make a choice between two unsuitable candidates. What should we do? Cyrus Kohler, in Between the Walls of Time, says we need to form a third major political party. His party is called The Front and they are a potential solution to several problems, the biggest of which is a working majority to get things done. Only this time, with The Front, you get a chance to have an organization that will weigh in on the side of reason.

September 1, 2016 is a big day for me as Jocelyn Kelley and her organization, Kelley and Hall, will begin to market and promote Between the Walls of Time. Everyone is clamoring for change and here is the roadmap.I want to thank you all for whatever you have done to tell your friends and neighbors about my book, to like it, to forward it to those you know with your recommendation. to tweet it, to do whatever.

If you want a signed hardcover version of the novel just come come through my website and place an order. Subscribe. Send me an email. If you just want to wait that is fine too. Writing this book has been quite a journey, but rewarding beyond measure. Along the way I have met and discussed my work with men like E.O.Wilson, the most famous biologist since Charles Darwin. I personally believe Between the Walls of Time will find its place in American literature. Wherever that is becomes  a matter for those of you wanting a better option than you are being offered today to decide.

Being a follower or a leader is a personal choice with consequences. We are all one or the other. If you take the time to read this book you will know more about the makeup of our political class than you ever imagined. Learn about Social Congruence and The Doctrine of Limited Rights. My hope is you will choose to do that rather than being uninformed about the science, genetics, and evolution controlling our governance. Let’s stop this Process and change history.

Michael Stafford



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