Image of book cover of Oblivions Reach

Oblivions Reach is the followup to Between The Walls of Time, the story of Cyrus Kohler and The Front and their attempt to change the American political system and form a third major party.

By now The Front has 25 million members and a bustling organization headed up by Lionel Rand, widely considered by the American people to be a tremendous leader. Lionel epitomizes the unbought, the motto of The Front, for he turned down every request sent his way by the two major parties to be their nominee. Now, Constance Abel has herself joined the Front and brought Lionel Rand along. The Front continues to grow and Lionel becomes President of the United States but not before weathering the storms of Social Congruence and the fight to implement The Doctrine of Limited Rights. Forces that be attempt to assassinate Cyrus Kohler but Scout intervenes. Tripper John finally has to face the mob and the legend of Tante Colleen grows through the efforts of Tommy Black Lance Wanderone. Cyrus, an absolute foe of Social Congruence, continues to research its origins and begins to discuss how the religious tribes came to tie together the concept of their God or Gods and eternal life which he considers, individually, to be a huge sale to the masses, giving them hope in exchange for everything they have. 



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