Am I dreaming or does it seem as though our political society lives in alternative universes? Does it seem as though Waste Management has been tasked with the everyday pickup of Common Sense? As a writer and novelist of Historical Fiction my research has no filter. History’s story proceeds through the walls of time disregarding impediments as it moves inexorably forward.

Growing up within a working family striving for education was my prism into the future of America. I saw change happening on a daily basis with some citizens always in opposition. I came to believe that each individual, regardless of circumstance, contributed, in some, often unseen way, to our present reality and that nature’s power drove it forward. None of us could possibly be more important than the society’s well being, an idea that has become very contentious in our modern world. 

Life was happening all around me as I watched the years evaporate like seconds. I came to realize that earth citizens, myself included, wear different opticals, influenced by our respective situations. That will not change in my lifetime but for our species to survive on this planet, dramatic changes, not only in our system of government, but in our people’s ability to reason and think constructively, will have to occur. When 65% of the general population possesses a high school education or less there will be a plethora of Brexits. At the present time, circa 2018, dangerous forces in defiance of nature are in play. Our national recklessness challenges a greater force than ourselves. 

The only path I see for combating this enormous deficit of critical thinking in a significant segment of our population, unable and unequipped to exercise Common Sense upon demand, is the formation of a third major political party in our country. This party, comprised of moderates from both sides of our political spectrum, weighs in at approximately 70 million strong by the latest estimates. For these people it cannot be about conservative or liberal, but about survival.

I went to the middle years ago. It seemed logical that a country with massive numbers of attorneys and accountants could see the value in balancing their budget, but despite accusations, this train of thought  was gradually abandoned. There had to be a time and place where a woman’s life could be saved by a procedure, but finding the center required thoughtful analysis. There was, like so many solutions, no absolute. Guns kill animals and people. We know that, and yet, we cannot summon the will or the understanding of how to morph into the pursuit of peace in our society. We are a tribe defeated by money, power, and the Territorial Imperative. How sad for those of us who can see this picture unfold. Until we, the people, make every effort to reverse our spiral, there will only be violence and uncertainty.

Last week I attended the Libertarian Party of Illinois’ state convention. I was under the mistaken opinion that they would be very interested in my book about a third party in America. In the day and one half I spent with them I did not hear one original idea. Nor are they the party I thought they were. The Illinois crowd is not united on gun control and climate change. In fact, one approved vendor at the show was selling books touting the opposite. Most of the talk was about what the folks wanting to be elected state leaders would do if elected. Never once did I see or hear a platform. They did ask me for a donation. On a brighter note I connected with my classmate Charlie Schmidt from Logan Elementary, Boaz, IL, class of ’58, a  very nice man. 

On we go, in my time, subjected to solutions that indicate we are a society so poorly evolved that anyone watching must be shaking their heads. Including the gods. Common Sense is a ready solution when unaffected by self interest.





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