Hey out there. I want you all to know I am getting your requests for updates on my progress. I have found out that living out here away from the New York power grid is more than some literary agencies can accommodate. Especially for a political book such as ‘Between the Walls of Time’ which would be a slam dunk for them if written by a beltway insider, an East coast millennial with a MFA from Cornell…You get the idea.  I did get read by Jane Dystel, an industry legend, and Larry Kirshbaum of Waxman Literary. They both liked the book but are getting ready to retire and said I need a 5 year agent. They also said the message was bigger than the drama which leads one to believe they are talking rewrites. So, after 312 query letters, synopsis’, and page submissions, we are headed in a different direction. We own Alto Pass Publishing and we belong to the Independent Book Publishing Association. We are getting ready to put the book back into distribution.Time to make a sale.

There are some positives here. Three more agencies are asking that I come to New York to talk about my book.  I am going the second week of December.  I will keep you in the loop.

In the meantime I have re purposed ‘Oblivion’s Reach’ and am starting to re purpose my characters from ‘Walls’ into a mystery series. 300 agencies know who I am now and mystery series’ are in demand, just ask Michael Connelly, Harlan Coban, David Balducci, Randy Wayne White, and others.  It pays the bills that is for sure, and I have some unused C-4 in my pocket. So all of you get ready to meet Lyla Flay, Calipso Bonner, and an as yet unnamed man of the cloth.. Get ready to explore the world of the Cotton King and travel with me to the Black Bottom Slough and the Garden of The Gods.  It is a fun writing this type of book, and a lot less demanding.  I will have ‘Oblivion’s Reach’ done sometime next year and will talk to you all about it as I progress.

Now. When we first started doing Barnes and Noble book signings and Goodreads promotions last year we, and Grey Swan Press, and Ingram, printed and sold several thousand copies of ‘Walls’ and when the dust settled we had a few hundred of the Original copies left.  For all of you who would like a signed copy for Christmas, or as presents for those you would like to enlighten as to the possibilities a third major party in the Middle might provide, here is how you get them. 

  1. Go to johnmichaelstafford.com and place an order on my website  OR
  2. Send $ 24.95 to : Alto Pass Publishing, 6986 Donnelly Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112.  Shipping included.

When they are gone, they are gone.  The new release will have a different cover and be somewhere around 400 pages, 76 pages shorter, more or less.

Let me hear from you with your comments, feedback on ideas in the book. I prefer email. michaelstafford@johnmichaelstafford.com. Please send this post to your Facebook friends and maybe we can create a groundswell for ‘Between the Walls of Time’ that will help launch it forward. Sooner or later a national agency will pick it up. It is just a matter of time. The statement that consistently stands out from the declines I received was they are overwhelmed by submissions and seldom venture outside their comfort zone, which for my book consists of east coast professors, celebrities, and insiders writing about what has happened and their take on it, and why it happened. Not one book published this year has the creativity and future trajectory of ‘Between the Walls of Time.’ We know there is a shooting every week, don’t we? We also know the best solution going forward is to buy more guns, hire more police. Does anyone think that is the answer to this problem? Get these books out of our warehouse. I will sign them….and…

Wait until you meet the Cotton King. 

Happy Thanksgiving,

Michael Stafford


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