In Between The Walls of Time, Cyrus Kohler discusses the beginnings of The Age of Violence and introduces the reader to Compression.

From Cyrus’s point of view The Age of Violence started in 1962 when Madalyn Murray O’Hair successfully challenged the American Public School system over mandatory prayer in school. On the surface, the three monotheistic social tribes; Jewish, Catholic, and Christian, wailed and lamented over the loss, which, as it turned out, was much more serious and far reaching than any morning prayer could ever have been.

After the ruling, which made O’Hair the most hated women in America, the legal profession and every disgruntled citizen who had a complaint against schools, their discipline of Johnny, or whatever, took aim and fired away, many successfully as it turned out. This bombardment of the American educational system coincided with and encouraged permissiveness as it brought our society to heel with an ongoing redefinition of values and standards. As people left rural America in search of jobs, our cities became compressed and full of meanness and misbehavior. Guns, anger, and road rage became the new normal. At the center of it all are our children and their schools, at risk like never before.

Today, we have huge budgets and never enough money, because that is how America has come to measure success. There are Teachers Unions and rules that only serve to undermine educational opportunities for children who, cannot be touched, for any reason, in today’s public schools. Discipline has been relegated to the ash pile. There is much less support by parents than ever before, if indeed, there are parents. Our landscape is populated today by a more fragile environment, I would say, that increases its reach yearly as the sociality of our political class continues to impede the education of our children. Our schools are in trouble and we need to do everything within our power to reverse the parentless trend sweeping through our land. The New Rationalists and The Front have a plan. Read about it here.

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