In 2012 I began writing ‘Between the Walls of Time,’ a historical fiction novel about an outlier, Cyrus Kohler, a former Army Ranger Lieutenant who comes home from the Vietnam War, becomes a college professor, and one day starts an organization he names The Front. We are all soldiers in this battle for self decency and accountability, I said to myself, so we are truly at The Front in a real sense. In the book, The Front navigates the business of national politics and goes about becoming a major party and electing a president of these United States. The Front represent The Unbought who are out there, believe me, we are out here. Soon, we will roar.

As my novel finds its way onto the national stage, from the humble origins associated with print on demand publisher Grey Swan Press to Alto Pass Publishing, an independent publisher, it is apparent to everyone who has read the book that there will be a next chapter for this book and its successor, ‘Oblivion’s Reach.’ It is just too big a story even though the writer, like Cyrus, is no one anyone ever heard of. Bookmaster’s/ Baker &Taylor have accepted the book for national distribution, a new release is planned for April 1, 2018 to thousands of bookstores and libraries. There is now an excellent media and marketing firm around the book. Someone somewhere up the ladder will see all this, unless they are sleeping. Of course, I tell myself that is possible, at least in the short term, Seventy two (72) agents and publishers turned down ‘Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone.’ That didn’t work, did it?

Through all this I am saddened that this repressed desire of the American people for an Unbought, non establishment candidate, had to be so tragically fulfilled by such a shallow, angry, egotistical, narcissist. But, I get it. He was the only outlier available and the choices were unsavory, to say the least. Do any of you, other than the fringe on both sides, think the man needs any further interpretation? He is a seller of pure fiction with dangerous subplots. 

So, come read about a real outlier and his third party in ‘Between the Walls of Time.’ Deliberately and carefully check out the platform of The Front. Boy, do they have one. Watch as they collect into their midst The Middle, those 70 million voters who were on one side or the other but now gape in horror at this road show of arrogance and over the top hubris. The Front is preparing to elect an Unbought, which is what we all so desperately wanted that we snuffed out reason and elected a groper.  #DoOverPOTUS@RealDonaldTrump.


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