On Sunday night, July 24, 1016, I watched Scott Pelley interview Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. When she was asked how she planned to solve our nations ills I imagined seeing Cyrus Kohler there as Dan Rather asked him those questions, and received a totally different response.

I fantasized that Hillary said, ” These huge social issues of guns, immigration, and climate change will not be solved by social tribes as they are socially complicit.” But she didn’t say that because she belongs to both sides of the tribal aisle, and and her running mate pointed that out. Without the will, for which there is no precedent, no vote count, to effect laws equal to this task, and with a population convinced of the governments insincerity, the solutions to these daily events will remain elusive and distant.

If Hillary would have said anything resembling this dialogue I just offered up people would think she had lost her marbles. It is a sad thought but a reality. Cyrus is ahead of his time. How far ahead is the question. I know personally how dangerous that is. When i helped build the first laptop computer in the world with a portable printer, hard drive, and cellular modem only to watch the State of Indiana kill it, I had the message delivered to me personally that I was sailing into uncharted water with no instruments. It’s an eye opener when you realize it’s not their money. Just like their tribal brethren, they function on donations while business runs on earnings. A big difference.

I am not, by any means, the only one that is bearing down on the political and religious tribes. Bob Hughes, a writer for The Gisborne Herald, wrote a piece on July 23 lamenting the dearth of science among the well educated, church-going American conservatives. Enlighten me as to how people who worship the prince of peace advocate for violence and are so resistant to science and its global message. We need an intervention all right, by The Front.

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Michael Stafford

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