….And the world fell into disarray. Souls wailed against injustice and lashed out at the slightest hint of malfeasance. Life became more unmanageable and confusing. The times they are a changin.

Into this manmade era of uncertainty, revolving in our country at least, around an outlier totally undeserving of the massive fortuity that ushered him to power, was born ‘Between the Walls of Time’ and its story of a parallel universe where the outlier, as I imagined him, was a person of value, secure within himself and ready to lead our country out of a mess of its own making, ready to redefine America from what it was and had become, into what it could be, wanted to be, could become. My story, my dream for this country, manifested in the personage of Cyrus Kohler, Lionel Rand, and The Front. What they have done and are intent on doing in the future should give cause for rejoicing because in their worst moments they are honest and unbought.

I have some good news for everyone following this story of mine, it is growing stronger and is about to burst upon the national scene. It could not happen at a better time.

In the last few months my novel has been removed from print on demand status and selected for national distribution by Bookmasters and their sister company Baker and Taylor. They distribute to bookstores and libraries. It is being published by Alto Pass Publishing, an independent publisher, and being groomed for an even bigger publisher by an accomplished agent who builds platforms for selected writers and novels. He is helping me select a national agent and publisher. The story is moving forward.

To that end I am working on the second novel, the companion accompanying ‘Between the Walls of Time’. Its title is ‘Oblivion’s Reach’. Here The Front ascends to the nations highest offices, electing men of vision, ‘The Unbought’, in ways both unconventional and unbelievable to the masses of indoctrinated politicos who follow the money trail. Cyrus tells everyone who will listen to get ready for the future, maybe not in his lifetime, but in the close proximity of time yet to arrive.

Let’s all imagine that Lionel Rand, the Savior of America,was running for the Presidency. Himself an outlier, a conservative fiscally and somewhat socially liberal, he confronts the 70 million moderates, The Middle, with a message of rational thought and action. This 70 million number is real. It makes me fantasize about what is possible.Lionel made his reputation as a military leader, which is how he and Cyrus connect. Now, with Cyrus’ help, he connects to the people. This is a powerful story of social change which, I feel, will have to happen on our planet or the possibilities of other calamities become very real. Remember, nature has no predetermined outcomes. One day mankind simply crosses the boundary. As you read the book, contrast Lionel with this guy we have now and see where that takes you.

These arguments my books are making have one huge hurdle to overcome. 60% of our population have a high school education or less. 75% in some states like Alabama. Presenting an argument comparable to that of The Front is a challenge. Some days it is overwhelming to observe our societal destruction. the destruction of natural resources that cannot be replaced in any lifetimes we know of yet. I talk to people every day who live in the here and now. Their absorption level does not exceed the national news. Not PBS, national news. Make your own decisions about this but there are peoplein positions of power who have figured out the crowd.  Sad but true. Nevertheless, I persist.

Our evolutionary crisis has been fueled and exacerbated by the social tribes, of which there are many, whose mission statements involve some degree of mythology and a resolute determination to preserve the status quo. We have what we are capable of having but it is clearly not what we need. If I believed in prayer I’d be praying for someone like Cyrus Kohler and The Front.

Thanks so much for all your support. Keep paying my blogs forward.

Michael Stafford 



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